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Weight loss before during and after xmas.

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Weight loss before during and after xmas.

I know, I know I know, we haven’t even had xmas yet and I’m talking about diets. The xmas pudding hasn’t even been lit and Im trying to get you to shed the pounds. But that’s the thing about acupuncture for weight loss. Its a mind altering experience and allows you the control to not pile on the pounds in the first place.

And whats better than that. No more do or die diets in the new year, Just learn to relax and control your appetites and only have to get back to health and fitness in the new year without all the guilt and stress of trying to lose the weight instantly.

Lose weight before you put on the pounds.

Now I know this sounds like no fun at all over xmas but that’s the whole point. You can have fun over the festive season. You just don’t have to go over the top. Acupuncture puts you back in control. By stimulating those happy chemicals and relaxing you. You can then make easier and safer decisions…….like one piece of xmas pudding or six.

In the new year you’ll feel so much better. You will have had a nice festive season but won’t be beating yourself up because the jeans don;t fit or the waistband is too tight.

Acupuncture for weight prevention.

Acupuncture is an ancient relaxing safe and well documented therapy. Its been in use for 5000 years and is now an established part of the alternative health world and traditional clinical therapy too. Its uses are varied and one of those is treating addictions whether that be to alcohol , tobacco or food.

The Chinese see little difference in these and this gives you a clue to the treatment. Perhaps your a food addict. You crave the sugar high or comfort hit. Perhaps its how you de stress or deal with a difficult work pressure.

Whichever it is and if you would like to find out more please call wholehealth on 01383 622 583