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Sports injuries and physiotherapy treatment.

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Sports injuries and physiotherapy treatment.

Sports injuries are some of the most common ailments seen by physiotherapists. In my practice I see a huge range of part and full time athletes. The degree and severity of the injuries varies tremendously. But whether your a full time professional or a weekend amateur the results are often the same. The initial symptom of most injuries is pain but this is often followed by inflammation and loss of function.

Injuries can result from a whole range of causes from trauma and collisions to twisting poor execution or landings etc. We often think of main stream sports such as football but I see ice .dancers and martial artists as well a athletes and boxers.

Sports injury identification and treatment.

Injuries are catergorised by their degree of severity and loss of function according to the structure involved. This is where a sound anatomical and physiological knowledge added to years of experience benefits the patient. By accurately testing and identifying the correct structure we ensure the best treatment path and the fastest results. There is little point in treating the injured athlete for muscle pain if there is ligament or tendon involvement.

I often have patient self referring after weeks of treatment only to discover that something has been missed and the patient doesn’t actually have the injury they have been treated for. Only years of experience can help in these cases and I’m glad to say I’m able to help in most cases.

Physiotherapy care and recovery.

So always ask your physiotherapist about his or her experience qualifications and knowledge of your injury. Its the best way to find the right physio for you.

At Wholehealth I always believe in working with patients to ensure the fastest results, I often discuss with the patient the stretches or exercises I want them to do at home and spend quality time ensuring they know what to do how to do it and how often it needs to be done. This joint working scheme ensure the patient safety and swift recovery.

If this hands on joint approach appeals to you please call wholehealth on 01383 622583 for an initial chat or to make an appointment.