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Running injuries. A new year vice.

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Running injuries. A new year vice.

At this time of year people decide its time to get in shape. The running shoes get dusted down from the cupboard and off you go on that five mile run you always knew you had in you. The problem is that less than a mile in and things are going wrong. The heart and lungs don’t seem up to it. Your sweating far more than you should. The hamstrings are tight. The hips hurt, there’s a dull ache in your groin and the knees and ankle ares definitely complaining. Worst of all there’s a blister developing in your foot and an odd sensation in your calf.

Soft tissue injuries through running.

Welcome to the wonderful world of runners injuries. Ok so that example was a bit of an exaggeration but you get the idea. Its all very well having the enthusiasm but if it lands you on the treatment couch for six weeks what have you gained.

My advice is always the same. Treat yourself like a professional athlete. As though your lively hood or a gold medal depended on it. Ask your self some simple questions. Have I warmed up. Are my muscles fully stretched. Are my shoes ok. Have I concentrated on specific body parts. Am I being too ambitious. Perhaps severasl small walks and then building to a run would be best.

Physiotherapy help with running injuries.

These and other precautions are the best way to a knew you. Without the need for tendonitis muscle tears and all manner of soft tissue injuries associated with running.

But if the worst should happen pick up the phone fast. There’s no such thing as running it off. Pain is your nervous systems way of telling you there is something wrong. And continuing to run on an injury is guaranteed to make it worse and your recovery period longer. And that won’t help with the new years resolution.

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