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Physiotherapy treatment that works and lasts.

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Physiotherapy treatment that works and lasts.

Just yesterday I had a call from a patient. We hadn’t spoken for years and he just wanted an appointment to get what he called an mot. We did the catching up thing and then I asked why I hadn’t seen him for so long.

Because Ive been fine thanks to you was his reply. Ive been keeping on with the exercises you prescribed and I feel the benefit. When I asked him how often he did then he replied on most days just for a minute or two.

So it just goes to show that properly diagnosed and treated conditions that are manged in the long term can have positive and long lasing results. Whilst this might not be good for my business its always reassuring to know that you have helped someone and that after years of problems, they have finally resolved the issue.

Physiotherapy. The correct diagnosis and treatment plan.

It got me to thinking about the importance of proper diagnosis. Correct treatment. The best advice and patient compliance. You see I always viewed treatment as a joint issue., Not on where I treat you but where we together get to the end result.

This patient had taken this to heart, By his own admission he was not exercising every day or for long periods. But by doing the right things occasionally and on a semi regular basis he was able to self mange. Its been my mantra for years. Little and often is the best route

Getting the most from physiotherapy treatment.

When patients visit me I always like to spend the appropriate time examining and asking questions. It seems boring at the time but experience has taught me that a good history often leads to better treatment and a faster result for the patient in the end.

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