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Physiotherapy treatment Fife. What to expect.

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Physiotherapy treatment Fife. What to expect.

Because I do this for a living I often wonder if I’m too close to it all. This idea pops into my head whenever a new patient says. Ive never been to a physio before. Or what do I wear and what happens. I guess when you do this all day you forget that to some people is a new and perhaps unnerving experience.

I think the first thing to get clear is that you don’t have to take your clothes off. Obviously if you have hurt your back or ankle knee or neck I will require reasonable access to the body part in question. So loose fitting clothing that stretches or can be moved easily helps.

Physiotherapist alleviate pain.

Second is does it hurt. The answer to that is generally no. Physios are not the evil characters that people often portray them as. We are people people and want to alleviate your pain not make it worse. That said it is often the case that in the initial stages the process we go through may be painful. If for example you have a frozen shoulder with severely limited range of motion, the action of beginning the process of increasing your range may cause discomfort. But here you have to ask yourself the question. Do I want my shoulder to work and am I prepared to do the movements the physio has requested. Only you know the answer.

Will I have to come forever. Absolutely not. Physiotherapy is about re enablement. Most conditions respond well to conservative treatment. Once you have achieved your treatment goals you get back to your old life. You may however have been provided with exercises or movements or advice that will help prevent the re occurrence of your condition.

So I hope that clears up a few misunderstandings about physios and physiotherapy in general. At Wholehealth you can be assured of a friendly and supportive approach on 013883 622583