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Physiotherapy rehabilitation

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Physiotherapy rehabilitation

I must admit this is one of my favorite aspects of physiotherapy care. Perhaps the pride in the results or the faces of patients who recover. But which ever it is its the reason I got in to physiotherapy and the thing that gives me the most pride in my work.

Goal setting in physiotherapy rehab

But enough of me its all about you the patient. So what is physiotherapy rehabilitation. It covers all aspects of medical recovery. It can be from an injury or stroke, a medical condition car accident or operation. Which ever it is, its about taking a patient on the journey from one state to another. Whether thats after a stroke and getting back motor function or after an operative procedure. The skill is to assess the patients current sate, set realistic goals and work in tandem with the patient to offer the support advise assistance and encouragement to meet their realistic goals

Targets for physio rehab.

Currently I rehabilitating a lady after a severe medical condition. To see someone go from bed ridden to walking in just a few short weeks is professionally satisfying, But the greatest site is the smile on her face and the grateful smiles of her family.

Not all rehabilitation has to be of such seriousness or import. Quite often its return to fitness after a ligament or muscle injury. These will be well known to any week end athlete The key to all of this is the motivation of the client. This is where a skilled therapist can earn his corn. Its hard doing the homework necessary for controlled rehab and the patient can become disheartened

I like to set realistic targets and use visible cues to ensure the patient can see that their recovery is obvious and measurable. If you need help in reaching your goal please give Wholehealth a call on 01383 622583