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Physiotherapy in fife treatment and advice

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Physiotherapy in fife treatment and advice.

Wholehealth has been offering physiotherapy in fife for over 15 years. During that time Ive been fortunate to treat thousands of patients from all walks of life. Most of those have been locals and some have been from insurance referrals. No matter which way you arrive at my door you can be assured that Ill be offering the best evidence based treatment available.

Just recently a patient asked how he could refer himself to me and it got me thinking that some patients still think there is a problem with contacting a private physiotherapist. I decide to post this item to hopefully dispel any fears you might have.

Physios are in the business of helping.

Lets be clear. I want your business. Physiotherapists are no different than any other professionals. I want you to like me and my service and recommend me to your friends and family. Although physios are bound by tight codes of conduct its this first point that perhaps is most important. I value my personal and professional reputation and want to be help in esteem in my community.

So what will you get when you phone for an appointment. Well first there’s none of the hanging around you might have experienced in the NHS. Appointments are made and stuck to. This means you’ll be seem at the right time every time.

Physiotherapy help treatment and advice.

Standards of service and treatment are the same as you would expect in the NHS. Ill take details a concise history and examine you. There’s time for us to discuss your complaint in detail and ill offer a diagnosis prognosis and treatment plan. I often give what I like to call homework. That’s usually specific movements that id like you to perform at home. These will be demonstrated and performed before you leave.

I hope this has gone some way to make some of you easier about phoning for an appointment. Be assured I’m in the business of helping and I’m happy to do so. Please call Wholehealth on 01383 622583 for an initial chat or to make an appointment.