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Physiotherapy for sports injuries.

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Physiotherapy for sports injuries.

Physiotherapy is the classical source for treatment of sports injuries. But if you have never been to a physio before it can be a little daunting. At Wholehealth I try to put the patient at rest and work on the principal that we are both in this together. This joint approach makes the patient feel that they are supported and in my professional experience ensures the best patient compliance and therefore the shortest rout to full recovery.

Professional sports Physiotherapy.

In the initial appointment Ill get to know you and take all of your personal details. There will be time for you to relate to me about how you became injured and your normal physical activity schedule. We will discuss any modifications you may need to make, the likely time scale to recovery, the process involved and the treatment you will receive, We will discuss what I call homework, that’s the activities id expect you to undertake away from the clinic, like stretches and home based exercises ill prescribe.

Physiotherapy treatment of sports injuries.

Once all of that it done we get down to the nitty gritty. This involves a series of exploratory tests and observations to ascertain the extent and the nature of your injury. Its essential to be able to undertake a differential diagnosis to ensure we are certain which structures are injured and plan the best treatment for those structures.

There is a detailed examination before I decide how best to approach your rehabilitation. I’m a very hand on physio which is what most patients want and expect but as I said before we are in this together and ill expect help assistance and yes some hard work from my patients when it is required.

Physiotherapy help with sports injuries.

Most patients laugh when they see what I expect of them, But they quickly realise that I have their best interest at heart and they knuckle down to the serious work of getting you better asap.

If this kind of detailed approach to your athletic care appeals to you call Wholehealth on 01383 622583.