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Physiotherapy for sports injuries.

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Physiotherapy for sports injuries.

Physiotherapy is most closely associated in the public’s mind with sports injuries. This is perfectly understandable as the most visible aspect of the profession is the football physio running on to the park. Whilst Im very happy with that image it does limit the idea of the profession. Many physios work in the community or elderly care or psychiatric bariatric medical or respiratory areas. But the over riding image is of the physio with his magic sponge.

Treatment of sports injuries.

So lets run with that ans discuss the range of sports and the associated injuries that come with each sport. In my practice over the years Im sure ive treated every type of sports person and each kind of injury. But whether your an elite athlete or weekend competitor the principles remain the same. Correct diagnosis and identification of the structures involved is key. Next we have to devise an appropriate plan and last but by no means least ensure you get the correct treatment at the right time and intensity..

Physiotherapy applied to sports.

The range of injuries we treat are endless but broadly speaking break down in to specific categories. Generally these are tendon ligament muscle and joint injuries. Knowing the difference and the needs of each is key to determining the return to fitness of the individual involved. Here at Wholehealth Ive specialised in a wide variety of sports injuries from a very diverse range of activities. Whilst the more common football and running injuries are commonplace there’s also a whole world of differing sports to choose from. Dancers and hurdlers, figure skaters and martial artists all pass through my doors..

So if you find yourself with a sudden injury please contact me. Youll find the atmosphere professional but friendly. I like to say I work with patients rather than on them.

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