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Physiotherapy. Easy to access with early appointments.

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Physiotherapy. Easy to access with early appointments.

I often forget that some people have never been to see a private physiotherapist. Its just that Im so used to patients coming and going that I sometimes forget that it might be ab intimidating experience for those unfamiliar with the process. For that reason I decided to post this information.

First contact is often by phone or e mail. Always feel free to call or contact me, .Remember this is how private physios make out living so we are bound to welcome your call. This is our first advantage, We want you business and want to help. You wont find any bored receptionists or sullen practitioners here. You much more than a number to us and will be welcomed and well treated.

Physiotherapy treatment and help.

Next, feel free to make an enquirey. Ask any awkward questions or get things off your chest. I want you to arrive here with a positive view of me and my practice so ask away.

Third, please look forward to your appointment. I,m here to help, to impress you and to get things sorted in the shortest time frame. That way you will think highly of me my practice and will recommend me to your friends and family. One of my biggest thrills is when someone on the end of the phone tells me that Ive been recommended by one of their pals.

physiotherapy appointments on the hurry up.

So once you have arrived what can you expect. The same high standards you’ve seen elsewhere but perhaps with a more personal touch. I’ve worked in the NHS and try to bring the best of both worlds to my patients.

So I hope that this little post reduces any concerns you ever had about lifting the phone and talking to me. You can be assured of a helpful response and a very short waiting time. We always try to see patients asap. Sometimes the same day or the next or if not then in a very short time frame.

Please call Wholehealth any time for a discussion or to make an appointment on 01383 622583