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Physiotherapy discounts in Fife.

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Physiotherapy discounts in Fife.

Its that time of year when everyone is running around mad. Its also that time of year when you put off those things you meant to do because your too busy preparing for Santa’s arrival. That’s detrimental to your health if it means putting off the visit to the physiotherapist and its bad news for my business too.

Physiotherapy discounts

I suddenly find that my diary has gaps so here is the deal. If you enquiry and make an appointment for the same day ill offer a 20% discount if you take one of our cancellation appointments.

20% Off Physiotherapy

And if you make an enquiry and take an appointment that fill one of my diary gaps Ill give 20% off too

The offer is very simple there are no real terms and conditions. Just make an appointment on the same day or take one that helps fill up my diary spaces that week and Ill give you 20% off the appointment.

No short cuts.

Just to be absolutely clear. There are no short cuts. You don’t get a shorter appointment or a poorer service. It’s the same high standard of service but with a discount. Because your helping me to fill me festive diary.

The Xmas deal.

So that’s the deal. My first and only xmas deal. I hope it gets the phones ringing and I can get you back to full health in time to enjoy the festive period. To take advantage of this offer just call Wholehealth on 01383 622 583 and quote xmas deal.