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Physiotherapy for back pain.

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Physiotherapy for back pain.

So you have arrived at my clinic and your in agony. How am I going to find out whats wrong with you and how am I going to fix you. These are the pressing questions patients ask as soon as they arrive. Its what pain does to you. You want to be assured your in the right place with the right person. And that they can do something to help you immediately. So here is the process. After all the necessary but boring stuff about name address etc we take your work social and health history. Is this back problem new or recurring. What brings it on. What helps and what makes it worse. Ill then put you through a series of movements to replicate the initiation of the pain. Don’t worry we only do this once.


Reduce pain and increase function.

Then there is a series of tests. These involve both active and passive movements and are designed to reach a differential diagnosis. This is physio speak for finding out whats actually wrong. Yes I knoe its your back but is it the muscles tendons or ligaments of your back. At what level of your spine is the problem occuring. Is there neurological involvement and if so what form. And lastly is there any other aspects to the condition such as incontinence or or other related medical problems.

With this all in place we can start sorting out the problem. Do you need to be manipulated. Do you need mobilisation, soft tissue work. ultrasound or electrotherapy. What about acupuncture. Is there muscle imbalance or failure are there nerve root difficulties.

The bottom line is that I want to ensure you get the treatment you need. This ensures that the correct structures are being treated and that the shortest possible path to recovery is in place, Naturally I hope that after your first session you will feel a difference and be confident in my methods. I also will probably set you what I call homework. These are usually simple exercise movements designed to augment your treatment.

In short I trying to ensure we work as a team to get you back to full health asap. For more information or to make an appointment to stop your pain call Wholehealth on 01383 622583.