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Physiotherapy advice. How to survive Christmas.

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Physiotherapy advice.

How to survive Christmas.


So its been a long year and you and your family are

looking forward to the holidays and a well earned rest. The presents are wrapped and Santa is on his way. The wine is chilled and the turkey bought. But the idea of new years resolutions, cirrhosis and January diets looms large.

So how do we have a good time and still maintain a healthy life style.

The answer is simple

Walking walking walking.

Walking is one of the best forms of exercise, It doesn’t need any specialist equipment, Its free. Its good for you and the whole family can participate. I often recommend walking to patients. Its one of those exercise forms that can really get in to your blood stream as it doesn’t require enormous amounts of effort. Yet its something we can all do and its easy to keep up over a long period. Even as a life long habit.

Wrapping up warmly in winter and enjoying the fresh air helps both physically and mentally. Doctors often ask patients with depressive illnesses to walk. Exercise generates the “happy” chemicals that stave off depression and lift our mood. It also burns calories and helps with the waist line. The family dog will love you too.

Benefits of exercise.

The benefits of exercise are well documented.As well as being good for your musculoskeletal system there are benefits in calorie burning, blood pressure reduction and general well being. Your joints benefit as does your heart. Endorphin levels increase and there are benefits in your mood. Sleep is enhanced and the fitter you are the more likely you are to live a longer healthier life and be able to fight off common illnesses.

A healthier lifestyle.

At Wholehealth physiotherapy we are keen to promote the benefits of a healthier life style to all of our patients. With a duty of care, we aim not just to help when your injured but to set you on a path to better long term health and preventative measures. Including exercise into your life style is a key element in this holistic approach.

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