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Physiotherapy for all ages.

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Physiotherapy for all ages.

One of the questions I’m most often asked is whether I treat both the elderly and very young. To which the answer is always yes. The needs of patients vary considerably according to their age and even when the condition is the same the treatment is often different. As a chartered physiotherapist I will always be PVG checked to ensure my suitability to treat the most vulnerable in our society. Patients should always check the insurance registration and qualification status of their clinicians.

Ages and stages in Physiotherapy.

Its a great advantage to have experience in both clinic and life of both the elderly and the very young. I feel my personal life as a father has enhanced my dealings with my young patients. They seem more at ease and their parents are suitably assured. The same goes for my extensive experience of treating the elderly. Our senior citizens sometimes need special care or adaptation or support and as an experienced physiotherapist I’m in the ideal position to offer this care.

Physiotherapy and life experience in care.

Just recently I was asked to do a hospital visit to an elderly patient with particular treatment needs. I feel it was a great comfort to the patient and family that I was able to offer that support and relate to them my previous experiences in this particular set of circumstances.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that its always good to chat with your physio. Make sure they have the life and clinical experience to suit the needs of the particular patient whatever their time of life. Whilst many may hold the same qualifications the old fashioned idea of a bed side manner should still be called in to account. I feel this in itself can often help the clinician patient relationship and lead to better patient compliance and an earlier recovery.

So if you have any physiotherapy related questions at whatever age in life you find yourself. Please feel free to ask Wholehealth on 01383 622583