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In growing toe nails. A permanent cure.

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In growing toe nails. A permanent cure.

In growing toe nails are painful unsightly and an infection risk. No-one really knows the cause though many theories abound. It could be mechanical with over pronation a potential cause. Some say its caused by pressure others poor nail cutting and even hormonal theories have been put forward. Teenage boys do seem to be victims more often than other groups so there may be a clue there but in my experience all manner of patients fall prey to these painful conditions.

A pain free solution to a nasty in growing nail.

Many patients are also frightened to get them sorted. They fear the cure is worse than the affliction. But this isn’t true. Modern local anesthetics can be delivered almost sense free and once your all numbed up you wont feel a thing. The process is to offer you a local anesthetic injection and to undertake a detailed removal of the offending spur of nail. This is known as a partial nail avulsion.

I know that it all sounds rather gruesome but the truth is the skill is in the clinician him/herself. So choose wisely. I offer decades of experience in this procedure. One of my anecdotes¬† relates to the patient who asked me why I was standing talking to him rather than getting on with it. He had been firmly staring at the ceiling He didn’t want to watch. When I replied that it was all done he could barely believe it as it had been totally pain free.

A quick and efficient answer to pain.

So please don’t be put off by the grim stories you may have heard. I offer a fast efficient sterile field technique. This minimises infection means the process is quick and painless and that you don’t have to worry.

So if your in pain and that unsightly mess in your shoe is getting worse give me a call at wholehealth on 01383 622583 and we will quickly get you sorted.