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Hip and thigh injuries the Andy Murray effect.

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Physiotherapy Hip and thigh injuries the Andy Murray effect.

Probably the most famous sports injury at the moment is the one suffered by our own Andy Murray. Whilst Im nor privy to all of the details we all watched in agony last year as poor Andy struggled for basic mobility. This world class athlete simply could no longer push off in a lateral movement never mind career around the court as he had once. His long agony over whether to go under the knife and his slow and hopefully steady recovery has all be happening in front of the worlds press.

Physiotherapy assessment and examination.

Previous famous pelvic region injuries included the now famous Gilmore’s groin that often ended the careers of world class footballers. Thank fully with modern scanning techniques, The improved and often less invasive surgical techniques and access to first class recovery, most athletes can recover from once career ending injuries.


For the weekend athlete it just goes to show how we take for granted the function of our pelvis and its associated structures. At Wholehealth I see all manner of groin pelvic hip and thigh injuries. The true secret if there is one is to correctly diagnose the problem and the associated structures. Throughout my career Ive seen athletes and amateurs who have believed they have one condition but in fact have another. This has often been down to simple lack of knowledge and inexperience in the diagnosing clinincian. However it leads to lengthy period of illness and delayed return to health and secondly makes the point that an experienced practitioner is worth his weight in gold.

The right Physiotherapist for you.

At Wholehealth I pride myself in taking the time needed to ensure we have fully examined the patient and conducted thoroughly all of the differential diagnostic tests before starting treatment. Even then I repeatedly check and re check to ensure the patient is making adequate progress.

If this sytematic and professional approach to physiotherapy is what you need or want please feel free to call for an initial chat and thorough examination protocol. Wholehealth  01383 622583.