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Fertility and Acupuncture.

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Fertility and Acupuncture.

Acupuncture in relation to fertility is getting a great deal of press these days. Many tv programmes and popular magazines are examining the phenomenon. However for those in the know this is nothing new. In traditional Chinese medicine the practice of acupuncture for improving fertility is thousands of years old. This most ancient and natural therapy has been used by both sexes to improve their overall health and thereby the chances of fathering a child or falling pregnant.

Acupuncture. A natural therapy.

Balancing the bodies chemistry sounds like voodoo but its exactly what modern chemical methods seek to achieve. The difference with acupuncture is its a natural way of balancing the bodies rhythms and chemical without the trauma of modern methods.

I’m often reminded of a patient who told me she turned the act of getting pregnant into a job of work. For both herself and her partner. So obsessed had she become that she realised that it had become a stressful experience for both parties. Another patient recalls how she only fell pregnant after she had “given up”.

Both of these anecdotes are offered to support the idea that fertility is a natural process and not one that  is achieved by schedules or timescales.

Fertility and Acupuncture. Natural partners.

The main reason it has reached such popularity is perhaps two fold. The first and second are indirectly linked, The first is the modern way in which people are turning away from drug related therapies and the second is the realisation that acupuncture is and always has been a natural process. It deals with balance and harmonisation. In exactly the same way that drug therapy in the 21century does. But without the need for unnatural interventions.

Whole Health Clinic Acupuncture

If you or your partner are concerned about fertility issues please give me a call. I realise that this is a sensitive area and therefore must be approached gently. We are always happy to chat before you make an appointment. Please call Wholehealth today or when ever you are ready. You’ll find I have extensive experience in this area and will have a lot of information to hand and ready answers to all the commonly asked questions. wholehealth can be contacted via this website or on 01383 622583