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Family friendly physiotherapist Fife.

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Family friendly physiotherapist Fife.

I was talking to a patient the other day about being a family friendly physiotherapist. There I was spouting PVG clearance and clearance to work with children and vulnerable adults. Suddenly she stopped me and said. That’s not what I meant. What I’m really looking for is someone I can talk to. And that’s when to penny dropped. I was so busy trying to impress this lady with my years of experience and qualification when in fact she just wanted someone who would listen to her problem. It took me back to why I got in to this profession in the first place. We are here to help .Its our founding principle and that lady wanted someone to listen ………….not impress her.

Physiotherapy advice and guidance.

It mad me remember an old lecturer of mine who said god gave you two ears and one mouth, So use your ears twice as much as your mouth. And in the twenty first century perhaps that’s what we as clinicians have to remember. In a world of speed and overload communications its doubly important that we take the time to listen to patients. It reminded me of my first job after graduation. It was in a big fancy clinic and the principle used to hold meetings to discuss how we could reduce patient time. I remember being shocked and swore id never go there if I ever worked for myself. And that’s how I set up wholehealth. I like to think of myself as a family friendly physiotherapist. I have the great good fortune of treating a wide range of patients from all walks of life and all ages.

Physiotherapy for all.

That doesn’t mean I compromise on standards of care. Its just that I enjoy seeing patients and feel that they are here to be listened to and for me to take anĀ  interest in them as well as their condition. So If this feels like the kind of friendly atmosphere you would be comfortable in please give me a call on 01383 622583. The service is fast and efficient but the atmosphere is friendly and the time taken generous. I hope to meet you soon.