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Diets.Weight loss.Acupuncture.

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Diets. Weight loss. Acupuncture.

Diets. Weight loss. Acupuncture.

After the excesses of the holidays, most peoples minds turn to diets and weight loss. Acupuncture can help you to maintain your weight loss ambitions. For centuries the Chinese have seen weight loss in the same way as any other addiction. They feel that an excess of food is just as serious as that of drugs and alcohol. At Wholehealth we treat weight loss and weight management in this traditional style. We aim to assist patients in their weight loss goals and make this part of a natural life balance.

Weight loss.

For many the excess weight we carry can become a health hazard. Increased stress on the skeletal system leads to joint problems. Our mobility is reduced. Stress on the venous system leads to swelling and congestion. The strain on the heart is increased. Our blood pressure is adversely affected.


The benefits of a healthier lifestyle are well documented. Whilst many wish for a better way of life, finding the motivation to achieve it is something quite different. Here again Wholehealth can help.By combining the benefits of acupuncture with focused relaxation techniques we can help you to realise and maintain your diet, weight loss and health goals.

acu2The benefits of relaxation.

The benefits of relaxation are not just one of those of calming but also of focus. Too often we are distracted from our goals by the pressures and temptations of daily life. Maintaining a focus on our objectives helps keep the diet on track.

So if your new years resolution is to find a slimmer fitter and more healthy new you give Wholehealth a call and find out if we can help set you on the path to fulfilling your health objectives. Call us on 01383 622583 for an appointment, for more information or a brief discussion. You have nothing to lose but the weight.