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Foothealth Treatments

The Whole Health Clinic provides a full foot health service for a wide range of conditions.

Most people take their feet for granted, until pain or problems such as blisters or calluses develop. But it’s important to be kind to your feet and take care of them before problems arise and to treat existing problems before they limit your ability to function.

What is Foot health?

Foothealth can involve anything from the routine removal of plaques of callous, corns and verrucca to the assessment of the foot, stance and gait of the patient and to the surgical removal under anaesthetic of in growing toe nails.

Our Foot health Service

We offer a cryo therapy service to “freeze” veruuca, a sports injuries clinic and a bio mechanical assessment facility which enables us to determine any abnormalities in your stance or gait that may be the route cause of other conditions such as back problems. Your chiropodist will routinely assess your progress as well as spend the necessary time listening to your views and concerns with particular emphasis on how your condition affects your daily activities.

Providing Foot health for Dunfermline & Fife

From our Dunfermline base, The Whole Health Clinic provides a professional service to each and every one of our clients. We care about your well-being and make sure that we provide the highest quality of treatments available. Foot health treatments range from the latest in high technology, proven alternative therapies and hands on approach.


Arrange A foot health Appointment

You can arrange an appointment to see a member of The Whole Health Clinic in Dunfermline by visiting our contact page or by calling us on Tel: 01383 622583