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Chiropody in Fife

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Chiropody in Fife

At the wholehealth clinic we offer a wide range of foot care treatments. Not only do we offer the usual day to day care for our patients but in addition we have sports injury treatments bio mechanical assessments and musculoskeletal programmes. We treat a wide range of injuries sustained not just by the general public but by dancers and sports people

Chiropody nail surgery


We also offer a full service nail surgery approach. With a fully qualified podiatrist administering a local anesthetic injection, patients can be assured of a pain free experience. Unsightly nails can therefore become a thing of the past with both cosmetic and medical benefits.

Orthotic insoles

A tailor made orthotic insole service is available. Many patients suffer with pain in their feet for years. This is often caused by simple anatomical variations that we all see in other parts of our bodies but find hard to understand in our feet. Poor hearing or sight is common but abnormalities in our feet is still something we find hard to come to terms with.

Chiropody assessment

By measuring the angles, movements and planes of motion in your feet and comparing this to a theoretical norm, the podiatrist can assess and supply corrective insoles to alleviate the patients symptoms. These are worn daily and correct the movements in your feet in a similar fashion to the way glasses correct your sight.

Chiropody and general health

Many patients are surprised to lean that the problems they are experiencing with their feet also cause other healthcare difficulties and result in knee, hip and back problems. We can quickly diagnose these problems where they occur and offer an often simple and effective remedy.

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