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Cellulite reduction with traditional Chinese cupping.

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Cellulite reduction with traditional Chinese cupping.

Traditional Chinese cupping is little used in the UK but has formed part of traditional Chines medicine for centuries. The act of cupping involves creating a vacuum under the cup to draw skin into the void. This promoters a response to increase toxins to the area increase blood flow and improve local circulation.

Thousands of women in the west complain of cellulite, That puckered or orange peal skin that is so unsightly. It affects thousands and even those with enviable figures can have it on thighs and tums. You don’t have to be fat to have cellulite.

So what is cupping.

Cupping as the name suggests involves a series of domes or cups of varying sizes. These are applied to the skin and a vacuum is created. This was often done by burning away the air using alcohol and a taper but in modern times the same effect is created using a small hand help pump device.

The patient is left to rest with several cups in place. The are then moved across the skin to further stimulate blood flow. The whole process takes about thirty minutes.

Results from traditional cupping.

Following a course of traditional Chinese cupping patients report smoother and less dimpled skin. They state that their skin seems softer and more pliable. Ladies report that their cellulite is reduced and their confidence in their appearance is enhanced. If anyone should know if cupping is a success its the recipient and there seems to be enough world wide empirical evidence to suggest this is a helpful adjunct to cellulite reduction.

Cupping further uses.

Our secondary use for traditional Chinese cupping is in the treatment of sports injuries. Clinics the weorld over have now adopted cupping in the treatment of athletes to promote blood flow and the healing of muscles and other soft tissue injuries.

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