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Can physiotherapy change lives?

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Can physiotherapy change lives?

The idea that physiotherapy can change lives is a pretty fantastic statement. But I actually believe it has some basis in truth. Ok we are talking about healthcare I cant help your finances or job prospects in the office. But id your in pain. If your life is being limited by restrictions in movement injury or illness then a small improvement may in fact change your life.

After years in practice ive seen patients recover from strokes or run marathons or in some cases just walk to the shops. In each and every case these events have been life changing for the patient

Physio helps get rid of pain.

If your pain is ever present and you suddenly get relief the change in your character and attitude is amazing. If you walk more upright. If there’s a smile on your face, If your no longer depressed or your outlook on life has changed then your treatment can be said to be life altering

So often Ive seen patients walk in all bent over and with masks of pain on their faces. Several sessions later and they skip out the door. They are happy and laughing and have smiles on their faces. If that’s not life altering I don’t know what is.

Your physio can help change your outlook.

So an I saying that physio is a cure all. Well of course not and there are many cases for which it is counter indicated. But for so many people out there a good physio really can help you with your condition or pain. Well applied techniques and a solid programme based on physiological and anatomical principles can go a long way to helping with many conditions

And of course physiotherapists are trained to work as part of a multidisciplinary team. So we will happily talk with your gp or surgeon.

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