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Better physio, faster returns, more results.

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Better physio, faster returns, more results.

So you’ve made the decision to have some physio. So what should you expect from your therapist. At Wholehealth I place a great deal of emphasis on inital assessment. This is the most important aspect of physiotherapy in my opinion. Good assessment and identification of the structures involved leads to the correct diagnosis a properly fashioned treatment plan and in the end faster results for the patient.

All to often I see patients who have fallen out with their therapist or just lost faith in the process or worse the health care professions. At Wholehealth you get a no nonsense approach. We work together with our patients and yes that means you will be provided with what I call homework.

Physiotherapy benefits and returns.

The reason for this is very simple. Although you may only see your therapist for a short period each week there are lots of valuable periods in the day when you could be helping your own recovery. Properly directed and executed recovery programmes can greatly enhance your recovery time. The most important aspect though is to ensure your exercises or stretches are carried out exactly as your clinician outlined. The wrong thing done the wrong way can have negative effects.

Best physiotherapy treatment.

At the begining of each subsequent session we will review your progress and decide if other aspects of recovery can be entered into your rehab programme. Eventually we will have optimised your recovery potential by integrated both clinician based treatment and patient directed rehab. The result is the shortest recovery time the reduction in potential recurrence and the elimination of risk of further injury.

So why not try Wholehealth for your next physiotherapy session. I’m a member of the chartered society of physiotherapists and registered with the HCPC and recognised by major insurers. This package of professionalism, insurance and registration is your guarantee of a high standard of service. Contact me at Wholehealth on 01383 622583.