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Assessment of lower limb pathologies. MSK and neuro.

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Assessment of lower limb pathologies. MSK and neuro.

Wow thats a title and a half I thought as I wrote it. But what does it all mean. Well my recent case load has been dominated with patients who for one reason or another are having problems with their lower limbs. This could be due to medical intervention or stroke illness muscle wastage or a whole manner of other reasons. But it lead me to re consider how we as physios assess the neurology and musculoskeletal function of the lower limb And more importantly how we explain this to our patients.

The importance of examination and information.

Just yesterday I had a patient with a foot drop . This means she cant bring her foot up and therefore drags it along the floor when she tries to walk. I was examining her back and she kept saying, but its my foot that doesnt work. This made me realise that as therapists we perhaps dont take the time to explain the workings of the body to our patients and so I told this lady about neurological function and how one nerve serves a muscle that may be some distance from that nerves origin. In this case the nerve root in the lumbar sacral plexis and the tibialis anterior muscle, the principle dorsi flexor of the foot.

If my hand hurts why are you looking at my neck?

However the principle is the same in all areas of the body. For that reason your physio may be examining your neck if you have pins and needles in your hand or a lack of sensation in your fingers or sensitivity to hot or cold. Its all about the understanding of anatomy and physiology and the relationships between structures in our bodies.

Get the physiotherapy information you really need.

So it got me thinking about ensuring we offer a service that really does explain whats happening in your body and why your therapist is doing what he is. So please if you are u sure about whats happening in your own condition or your therapist hasnt explained things clearly get in touch. Im happy to help with both information and treatment and if you want an initial consultation and detailed information call wholehealth on 01383 622583.