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Acute back pain a physiotherapy perspective.

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Acute back pain a physiotherapy perspective.

Acute back pain is one of the most debilitating conditions of the century. It accounts for thousands of lost day off work and affects whole sections of the community. Acute back pain is often described as sciatica but this is often wrong and the term sciatica has become a common place name for all forms of back pain. Most back pain is mechanical in nature but some patients do have neurological symptoms that can be quite serious. For most patients the most important elements are the pain and the loss of mobility.

Physiotherapy to help with pain.

So as physiotherapists what can we do to help resolve your issues. The answer is quite a lot. From hands on physiotherapy including mobilising your spine to acupuncture for pain and inflammation to a whole raft of treatments advice exercises and postural matters, the list is endless. The key to overcoming back pain is to accurately determine the root cause. This leads to a correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

When you arrive I shall allocate time to listen to your concerns take a history examine and question before embarking on treatment. Manu patients ask if the treatment will be painful and the honest answer to this is that there may be an element of discomfort often just arising from the patient having to move into different positions during examination. Treatment in itself is rarely painful as your physiotherapist will be looking for not only an effective option but a pain free one too.

Physio treatment and management.

Physiotherapy is a progressive means of treatment. You will probably be invited to attend a number of sessions and at each we will chart your progress and monitor your pain level and mobility.

Homework is often part of a physiotherapy programme and I like to say I work with my patients and that treatment is a joint effort. If you feel that your pain is getting you down give Wholehealth a call on 07985 039959 or 01383 622583.