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Acupuncture for weight loss.

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Acupuncture for weight loss.

Acupuncture has been used to control weight for centuries, The Chinese see addiction to food as the same as any form of addiction and use acupuncture to control the cravings and the destructive habits that form around eating. This post is designed to help you if you have taken that decision to lose weight and find that new you. But you just need the help to get started. Many people who have tried every fad diet find that the alternative approach offered by acupuncture is the answer they have been seeking.

The secret lies in the differing approach. Acupuncture seeks to re start your brain by controlling the patterns of behaviour making you more aware of decision making and in control of cravings. The relaxation techniques we employ also help you to recognise those chemical triggers that spark the grab for the chocolates and crisps.

Lose weight and feel great.

A more relaxed and in control you is able to make those eating choices that change the way you live and help you to be healthier. As a consequence of these decisions you become more active and lose weight.

There’s no calorie counting or weighing products. No-one make you turn up at a gym and be weighed. Its a natural means of self control or regulation that leads to weight loss through life change.

Acupuncture can help create a new you.

Acupuncture gives you back the ability to make the decisions you know you should be making. The control in turn lifts your mood and as you see the pounds fall off you feel ever more enlivened and determined to be healthier and lighter.

My favourite story involves what I called the ever shrinking woman. This lady found acupuncture was the answer for her after years of struggling with her weight. Each week she would bring in an item of clothing to show me how this shirt or those trousers were now too big for her. She loved the fact that clothes now hung on her rather than having to squeeze in to things.

If your ready to make the change and want that acupuncture boost call wholehealth on 01383 622583 and start losing the weight