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Acupuncture weight loss discounts. Diet for less.

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Acupuncture weight loss discounts. Diet for less.

Acupuncture is often used to help patients loose weight. The chemical released into the blood stream help you relax and make the lifestyle and dietary choices that help you loose weight. Now here’s an even better incentive.

To help you on your weight loss programme Im offering January discounts on acupuncture treatment for weight loss. The deal is simple. Its six sessions for the price of five.

Weight loss discounts.

Not only are you getting the help you need to loose weight but at a reduced price. There are no fancy terms and conditions except you get the last session for free. That’s an added incentive for you to keep on with the programme and reslise your goals

Ive brought in this discount scheme as we’ve had an increased number of views on my posts on acupuncture and weight loss but not the same number of bookings. This shows that folks are interested but perhaps not motivated to make that final leap and lift the phone.

So here is your January incentive. A new you at a reduced price. Its a double bonus.

Save money as you loose weight.

So what are you waiting for. Or should that be weighting lol. We all start off on January promising ourselves a new you but by February theĀ  enthusiasm has failed and we haven’t lost any weight. Here’s the chance to make a life altering decision and at a reduced price.


Acupuncture questions and answers.

For those who have never had or heard of acupuncture there’s a simple solution. Just lift the phone and have a free no obligation chat. There’s no high pressure sales and you free to go away and think it over. But don’t delay too long or the idea and the discount rate will have passed. If you would like to make an appointment have a chat or benefit from this discount scheme just call Wholehealth on 01383 622583