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Acupuncture for health and well being.

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Acupuncture for health and well being.

I thought Id post this as a personal experience as I’ve just received acupuncture for the first time. You see although I practiced acupuncture for many years and studied for even longer I’ve never actually received acupuncture for treatment. So from now on I can tell you not only the theory and practice of acupuncture but the reality of it too. And I have to say I’m delighted as my acupuncture session was very pleasant, Most importantly I actually feel better already.

A first hand acupuncture experience.

So why did I need acupuncture you may ask. Its simple after a fall I hurt my back. An area that’s impossible to self treat. So a colleague suggested doing some acupuncture on me. The experience was very relaxing, something I always say to my patients and now I can confirm its true. The treatment does not hurt at all I was barely aware of the needles going in. Just a light scratch and I didn’t feel them at all thereafter. On removal it was the same just a light sensation as they were removed.

The benefits of acupuncture treatment.

So how do I feel now just a few hours later. Actually at first I felt a little worse. This is often the case but then I noticed I was moving around better and that the pain had reduced. I’m still aware of the sensation in my back but its certainly better..

So there you are. A whole new experience from clinician turned patient. I’m now going to try to convince my friend to come round more often and treatment my usual aches and pains. Its such a confirming experience to be able to share with you. I always say that treatment is a shared experience and I can now confirm the benefits of acupuncture from a first hand experience.

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