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Acupuncture for all.

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Acupuncture for all.

Just recently someone asked me about acupuncture. They wanted to know if it could be effective on one particular condition. The person stated that I had not mentioned its use for this purpose. We talked and I explained that the use of acupuncture for centuries has been so widely applied that it was impossible to list all of its applications.

The person was satisfied and Im glad to say made an appointment. But this incident got me to thinking about the wide range of application for acupuncture. The world health organisation used to list its applications and they ran in to hundreds. In my own experience it has been used for medical conditions and depression for fertility and sports injuries for skin problems and anxiety and many others that are too numerous to list here.

Acupuncture and its applications.

Its a good opportunity then for me to re evaluate its use and provide a small insight in to the application of acupuncture today. Im by no means niave and realise that acupuncture is by no means main stream. It is certainly viewed as alternative in most peoples minds. But as folk move towards a more holistic and natural means of treatment and as more and more people avoid drugs of all kinds the place for acupuncture is easily argued.

Acupuncture. An holistic approach to health.

It is after all the most ancient of therapies. Its been used for centuries. Its completely natural and is based on an holistic approach to health. For its ancient history it seems to me that the time for acupuncture is now and acupuncture is very much a modern and natural treatment option. So please call wholehealth with any acupuncture queries. Ill be happy to discuss with you the practice of acupuncture and if you feel its for you then make an appointment. Call wholehealth on 01383 622583