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A new year and a new you. Physio advice on fitness.

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A new year and a new you. Physio advice on fitness.

Its a new year and you want a new you. You’ve set your sights on getting in to that swim suit for your summer holidays or losing the extra pounds gained over the festivities. So with renewed vigor you join the gym go running, starve yourself and avoid the alcohol. Its all going great for the first two weeks and then you hit the wall. You see the initial adrenaline kick has faded the initial enthusiasm has passed and the reality of the task ahead has just hit you.

Its the same every year. Gym memberships soar the sales of stationary bikes goes through the window. But by the end of January the bikes are being used as coats stands and the gym membership is an expensive unused cost.

So what is the answer.

The answer is simple. Calm down and take stock. Was it really realistic that you would run daily, Starve yourself and remain both motivated and health. Not likely. The real way to full fitness including weight loss is to make life style changes. Small ones. Your unlikely to become a fitness guru in your middle years and perhaps your life commitments preclude the time needed. So moderation is the key.

A fitness plan for life not just for January.

If a dog is not just for Christmas then a fitness plan is not just for January. A dog needs ongoing care and so do you. You wouldn’t buy an animal that needed constant care if your out at work so why choose a plan that’s equally impractical. Make small changes. And keep them going. Walk rather than run. Cut down rather than cut out. Reduce rather than eliminate. These changes still allow you a weekend treat or a meal out. But they are more likely to be sustainable over the long term and that’s the key to long term weight loss and health.

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