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A cure for what ailes ye. A physio tale.

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A cure for what ailes ye. A physio tale.

Physiotherapy is often all things to all men…………and women. Its true that the breadth and depth of the profession is such that I often hear the refrain oh just go to the physio. We are to some extent the cause of the problem Physios now treat such a wide variety of ailments that we are often expected to have the magic cure for all ailments. Some of the images below give an insight in to the range of treatments on offer.

From manual therapy to acupuncture from taping to manipulative therapy. Electrotherapy and specialist sports injuries the list goes on.

Very often we are asked to diagnose unrecorded conditions and come up with a treatment plan to suit. We are often sent xrays or scans of all varieties and reading medical and consultant notes as part of the service we offer has become common place. So next time you go to see your physio ……and I hope its me don.t be afraid to ask about all aspects of health care. As highly trained individuals we will not only offer you the best advise but significantly we will tell you if your enquiry lies outwith our remit……………..and direct you to the best professional for your needs.

Physiotherapy care when you need it most.

At Wholehealth I try to offer the very best patient care and customer service. The business and my reputation is based on these two factors. I want to do the best for my patients and win their respect,.

If you find yourself in pain. If youve been everywhere else and had no help please give me a call. Very often we see the obvious that others have missed and perhaps its the time and patience that I offer that allows me to help patients when they have had little help elsewhere

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